Malcolm Ramsey

Malcolm Ramsay is a London-based writer and analyst, with a background in international business legislation, trend analysis and the global cargo and anti-trafficking areas. He specialises in topics that centre on societal change and the role of technology in building next generation infrastructure.
Synthetic Data and Simulations
How have businesses been impacted by these rising trends?
What is Contact Centre as a Service?
What is CCaaS and how can it benefit your business?
Spotting Software That May be Spying on You
Why is spying software a growing threat and how can you spot when you're being spied on?
Top Ten Technology Trends for 2022
What are ten technology trends businesses must watch out for in 2022?
What is Quantum Computing?
Are quantum computers the future of computing? If so, how should businesses prepare for it?
Is Artificial Intelligence the New Industrial Revolution?
Described by some as the 'fourth industrial revolution', what impact will AI have over the next 10 years?
Leadership and Role Modelling Regardless of Your Title
Leadership should not determined by someone's seniority or job title.
Do Women Feel Safe in Your Workplace?
How do you make sure your workplace is a friendly environment for women?
What is a Net Zero Office?
What does the journey to achieving a net zero office look like?
Tackling the Diversity Deficit in Your Company
Making sure your workplace is diverse and inclusive can lead to positive results in your business.


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