Simran Sokhi

Interview with John Ortiz & Shirin Fataei, MBCC Group
We talk with John Ortiz, Head of Sustainability for MBCC Group and Shirin Fataei, Global Sustainability...
Interview with Jocelyn Doucet, CEO of Pyrowave
We talk with Jocelyn Doucet, the CEO of Pyrowave. He explains the role of Pyrowave, the use of microwave...
Interview with Shameela Soobramoney, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
We talk with Shameela Soobramoney, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)....
Interview with Michael Green, CEO of Social Progress
We talk with Michael Green, the CEO of the Social Progress Imperative. He discusses the role of sustainable...
Are Business Grants Beneficial?
What grants are in place to help you expand your business?
When the Supply Chain Breaks
How is the current state of the global supply chain affecting businesses?
How Blockchain and IoT Can Live Together
What impact does the integration of IoT and Blockchain have on society?
Is the Metaverse the Future of Business?
Will the Metaverse affect the future of business?
Four-Day Working Week - The New Pattern?
Could a four-day working week become the norn?
The Perils Of Greenwashing
Global financial giant Deutsche Bank is currently being investigated after claims of ‘greenwashing’...
Improving Mental Health in the workplace
We talk to Farzana Nayani, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion specialist about the topic of mental and...
Mental Health in the Workplace
What can businesses do to support mental health at work?


How Does Sustainability Affect the Economy?
Sustainability is one of the most frequently heard buzzwords when talking about our future but what is...
What are the Biggest Sustainability Challenges Facing the World Today?
When it comes to issues facing sustainability, there are a variety of areas that need to be addressed,...
What Industries are Considered to be the Most Damaging to the Environment?
We reveal some of the worst industries for the environment and pollution.
What are the Dangers of Not Embracing Diversity in Business?
A company that does not embrace diversity will lose customers, investors, support, and money as a result.

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