Andy Last

Why Businesses Need Social Purpose
We begin our series with Andy Last, co-founder of strategic communications agency MullenLowe Salt, about...
The Meaning of Purpose in Business
In the third part of our series with Andy Last, we talk about the meaning of purpose in a business context.
Broader Social Environmental Means
In the second part of our series with Andy Last, we talk about how businesses identify key ESG values...


The Beginning of the End for Passwords?
With the reliability of passwords declining, are we heading towards a password-free future?
The Growing Use of Blockchain Technology
Is Blockchain technology the future?
A Summary of Sustainable Finance Trends 2022
What should we expect when it comes to sustainable finance trends in 2022?
Companies Helping Clean the World's Most Polluted Rivers
Around 11m metric tons of plastics enter the oceans every year, meaning action needs to be taken.

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