Green Management: Five Top Tips for Improving Sustainability at Office Level

Green Management: Five Top Tips for Improving Sustainability at Office Level

Whether you’re introducing sustainability, developing an existing process, or have been going green for a long time – having the support and backing of your employees is vital to see real, genuine, and long-lasting change. Turning a business into a more sustainable version of its self can be expensive at the outset, especially if the company hasn’t been updated or upgraded in a long time; there are many compelling reasons why you should undertake this process, and reasons why it’s beneficial in the short, medium, and long term – but it’s also important to understand, that if you don’t have a company culture that supports your green endeavours, it’s going to take longer, cost more, and ultimately may fail. That is why improving sustainability at office level is key.

This is where we need to turn to the management level, and make sure there is no disconnect between what the company says (as an entity) and what it does (as a business).

Managers Taking Sustainability to Office Level

Your employees are the foundation and backbone of your business, and as a Team Leader or Manager, you are responsible for taking what the company wants to achieve, and making it happen.

With sustainability, this could take a number of different forms – it might directly impact the way in which you work, it could affect the processing and production, or it could be that you don’t print off emails and meeting notes – it all depends on what you’re doing, and how you’re already doing it.

But sustainability at office level requires strong leadership, a commitment to the process, and motivated, involved staff who want to make sustainable practices a part of their daily work lives.

We’ve put together five quick tips for improving sustainability at office level, and start developing a culture where sustainability is a genuine, integrated commitment and not just lip-service to appease a seemingly modern trend.

Examine and Update Your Existing Policies

If you want to create an environment where sustainability comes naturally (and you do, it’s far more cost effective) – then you need to give your employees the tools to do this – that is, policies and procedures that clearly lay out expectations and actions.
By implementing green and sustainable policies, you can make sustainability a formal and normal part of the work day.

Educate Yourself and Your Team on the Benefits

The last thing you want is employees grumbling or accepting sustainability at just face value – it isn’t a good working environment or a long-term success story if your employees believe that the ‘company’ is sustainable, but don’t see themselves as being involved.
Take the time to research the benefits (especially ones that might be unique to your location, industry, or situation), and involve your team – think about offering rewards or bonuses for ideas that can be successfully implemented.


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