How to Create a Successful Business Strategy

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Running a business is one thing, running a successful business is another. In order to make the best decisions, determine the directions you should be taking, and give your company the best chance at success – it’s vital that you have a focused business strategy, one that covers the key elements and areas you need to succeed.

What Does a Business Strategy Do?

Planning ahead is a business-critical activity, and having a business strategy doesn’t mean that you’re locked into a specific process, or that you can’t react to the market – but it does mean that you have a general idea of where your business is headed, how the resources will be used, what the team should be doing, and where the budget should be going.

An effective business strategy provides:

  • An established direction for the company as well as individuals
  • The ability to make informed and smart decisions
  • The ability to avoid competitive convergence
  • Identification of metrics and KPIs to measure success

How Do You Create a Business Strategy?

Before you can start building your strategy, you need to determine what type of strategy you need – and what is going to best fit the needs of your company.

The first stage of the process is to identify your needs, aspirations and values – what does your company do? What matters to the brand? How do you want to be seen by others (competitors, customers, investors, and partners alike)?

Once you know what you want to stand for, and what you want to be known for – you then need to conduct a self-assessment. What are your current goals (if you have any)? What are your production or service levels like? What is the feedback like from customers? How are you engaging with your marketing and advertising? Are people converting to sales?

The more in-depth you look, the more data you will have to work with, and the better plans you can create. Think about performing a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis as well.


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