Is Sustainability in Demand with Prospective Employees?

Is Sustainability in Demand with Prospective Employees?

Sustainability is a hot topic for businesses across every industry on the planet, and the ramifications of having a sustainable business model are felt across every level. This includes recruitment opportunities and the ability to attract top-level talent into your business. 71% of job seekers want to work for environmentally friendly employers, with 67% being more wiling to apply for positions in sustainable companies and 1 in 3 even going so far as to say they would accept a lower salary to work for sustainable or socially responsible organisations. So why is sustainability becoming increasingly important amongst prospective employees?

What is the Attraction for Positions in a Sustainable Business?

Potential employees are more clued in to the impact that businesses are having on the environment, and this does serve as one reason why they want to work for a responsible company – they want to know that they’re not having a negative impact on the world around them, and be proud to say that their employer is making a difference.

This isn’t the only reason though. There is an impression that businesses who care about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are more likely to care for their workers, and provide them with more meaningful, respectful, and fulfilling work.

People want to improve their own quality of life, as well as the wider world, and believe that a company who cares for the world is going to care about them – with better working conditions, ethical contracts, and fair pay.

There is also the issue of growth and the path of promotion. Employees who are looking to improve their career prospects, and develop their own growth, are more likely to look at companies who are ahead of the curve. They believe that if a company can afford to invest in sustainability, develop new technologies or industry standards, and innovate their processes will provide better career options and advancement opportunities.

Do You Highlight Sustainability Enough?

Around 75% of people in the US and 64% of people in the UK will research a company’s reputation and online presence before they consider applying for a job with them.

In order to attract high-quality, motivated applicants, your digital presence needs to highlight your unique selling points (USPs) and what makes you stand out – and now, sustainability is a factor that should be included.

It’s important that you don’t just focus on what you’re doing on a wider scale, you need to make it clear how your sustainable policies impact your workers and their working environment – there has to be sufficient information for potential applicants to decide whether you’re doing enough for their own personal level of compliance, and if you’re evolving your business over time.


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Why Should You Look for Employees Who Champion Sustainability?

As the focus on a sustainable future continues to grow, and businesses have to innovate and adapt to meet new targets, having a workforce that understands what you’re doing (and why), and is motivated to help meet these targets is going to be crucial.

If you’re bringing in new processes or policies, you want your employees to adapt to them as painlessly as possible, and if you’re bringing in employees who are already motivated to meet sustainability targets and goals, or who are prepared to change the way they work, it’s going to make it that much easier.

This will effect a change in company culture and allow for a truly sustainable business to develop. This then has the knock-on effect of appealing to potential employees – who, when doing their research, will discover that your company isn’t just making empty statements or lip-service to ESG, but is a genuine sustainable business at every level, from the top down.

Making the Change to Being a Sustainable Business

The appeal of sustainability isn’t limited to new employees, 83% of workers believe that their employers are not doing enough to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, so there is clearly room for improvement.

Giving your existing employees the tools to make changes that benefit themselves, their working environment, and the world around them, should be a priority if you’re genuinely looking to make your business more effective and meet ESG targets.

From recycling stations and removing unnecessary plastics, to operating on renewable energy or providing eco-friendly transportation, there is a huge range of options that you can invest in to make a very real change, that will encourage your employees to take pride in their job, and recommend you as an eco-friendly employer to those who are looking for new jobs.


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