New Year’s Resolutions to Make Your Company More Sustainable

New Year's Resolutions to Make Your Company More Sustainable | FutureBusiness

A new year is a great time for a new start and making resolutions can help you to focus on what you and your company should be doing, and the direction it should be taking as you make a start in Q1 of 2023.

New Year Resolutions do tend to be something that people make, then have either failed at or forgotten by the end of January, but when it comes to positioning your business for the year ahead, it makes a lot of sense to make specific commitments, and promises.

Taking an idea or concept, and actually putting it down for discussion or into a written document helps to take it from being a nebulous and easily ignored ‘thing’ and makes it a real goal which people in the company can get behind.

Sustainability and ESG reporting have certainly been a hot topic in 2022, and 2023 is set to be no different, with companies, businesses, and influential individuals alike, really examining what they’re doing, and finding better ways of doing it.

As technology continues to improve, consumers look even closer at what companies are doing, and governments across the globe starting to consider (or implement) legislation to protect the planet – it’s so important to be operating in a way that keeps you ahead of the curve, and ready for what comes next.

In order to start with making a sustainable and eco-friendly change, we’ve put together some possible resolutions for you:

Make Use of Your Year End Review and Set New Targets

Most businesses will get to the end of Q4 and put together a year-in-review, where they examine what their business has done, where it’s succeeded, where it’s failed, and where they can do better. This information is actually a gold mine for ESG and Sustainability data as well. Take the time to evaluate it with a different view – how much have you spent on your supply chains? How much would this cost if you made sustainable changes? How much have you spent on your energy bills? How much would these reduce if you swapped to renewable energy, or even just replaced the light bulbs with energy efficient ones? From an ESG point of view – what was your turnover like? How can you make a difference? What are your staff saying?

Take all this data and seek out the answers to your questions – by comparing the results with your end-of-year information, you can lay out a more sustainable path for the year to come.

Start Small and Build on Your Sustainable Efforts

If you’re not already started on your sustainable strategy, and don’t really have the budget to go big – that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything,
Consider small steps. Such as:
– In office recycling schemes
– Replace single use plastics in communal areas (such as cups at the water dispensers or cutlery in the canteen)
– Ask staff to bring in their own cups or reusable water bottles instead of offering plastic cups

You might want to take slightly larger steps, such as:
– Going paper-free and removing printers from the office
– Evaluate the level of lighting the office is using over night and consider whether it can be safely and responsibly reduced.

Invest in a More Sustainable Supply Chain

By evaluating your suppliers, and their suppliers, and monitoring the composition of your supply chain, you can identify areas of improvement, change, or excellence. This will allow you to create a more sustainable base to work from, and benefit from the positive marketing and reputation that comes from making an ethical, sustainable difference that shows your values are more than just words.


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Cut Down on Business Travel

With online communication being what it is in the digital age, there is really very little excuse for not making use of it and holding or attending conferences and meetings online. By reducing the amount of travel – you’re not only reducing your carbon footprint, but also the expenses and time-loss that comes with having people travel to attend events.
If you do need to travel to events, consider using public transport (where possible) and carpooling or hiring a vehicle if multiple people from the same office / area are expected to attend.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started, but there are plenty of other methods that you might consider, to really make 2023 a year where you make a sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethically impressive difference to the world around you.

Saving money, improving your company reputation, appealing to top-tier talent, and doing your bit to make the world a better place – what’s not to love about making sustainable new years resolutions and making them stick?


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