Should Businesses Consider Solar Panel Installation?

Should Businesses Consider Solar Panel Installation?

What Support is there for Solar Energy?

Deciding on making an investment in cleaner greener energy can be an expensive outlay, yes – over time the costs will recoup themselves in the form of lower energy bills, but it’s that initial hurdle that causes the most problems.

For businesses in the US, there used to be interest-free loads provided as part of the ‘Green Deal’ but this came to an end in 2015, and the Feed-In Tarriff ceased in 2019. At present, the only available grant that may be useful for purchasing the materials is the ECO4, or there is the option of investigating the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) route which started in January 2020.


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Should Businesses be Forced to Use Empty Space for Clean Energy?

We would hope that businesses would choose of their own volition to make use of clean energy, and to utilise under used space to provide new options, but this would have to be done in a way that benefits everyone and doesn’t cause financial hardship for the business involved.

Slowly, over time and starting on a domestic angle, there is a drive for new construction and buildings to be energy efficient and include energy saving measures such as Solar PV, and it would not be surprising to find this being rolled out across industrial builds eventually.

Where it’s viable and reasonable to do so, companies should embrace their options and make the best use of their space, but it’s fair to say that it shouldn’t be done as a blanket dictate that doesn’t take into consideration the financial situation, stability, and operational status of the businesses involved.


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