Sustainable Architecture: What is it and Who is Using it?

Sustainable Architecture: What is it and Who is Using it?| FutureBusiness

As part of the effort to make the world a more sustainable and better place, architects across the world have been looking at how they create and develop buildings and innovating new and exciting methods to not only constructing them, but also determining how they will function and what added benefits these creations can have to the environment. Introducing sustainable architecture.

Sustainable architecture, also known as ‘green architecture’ or ‘environmental architecture’ is a process that brings together technology, smart design, and a sustainable goal – to produce and develop designs that are modern, functional, and have minimal negative impact on the environment and the local community in which its placed.

By challenging themselves to a more sustainable outcome, architects are creating forward thinking designs that will allow for improvements to the buildings, and for companies to reduce their carbon footprint, greenhouse emissions, and meet other sustainability targets.

Not all sustainable architecture is elaborate or consisting of ‘statement’ pieces, and the number of businesses who are seeing the benefits of having greener properties ins increasing, at present, 37% of companies plan to build green in existing building and retrofit, and the US green building market is expected to reach a value of $103.08 million during 2023.

How are Sustainable Buildings Different?

There are essentially four areas where sustainability is focused in these developments:

  • Building design
  • Materials
  • Construction method
  • Resource usage

Architects aren’t just thinking of sustainability at the last moment, the goal of creating a sustainable property is in-built into the planning right from the initial design phase. Some buildings may not look overly different to their neighbouring ‘normal’ constructs, but there are many different factors at play which separate them.

From selecting the right location, and choosing materials that are sustainable and ethically resourced, to powering the property with sustainable or reusable power, there are many different ways that sustainable architecture can be used to reduce negative environmental influences and aid companies in reaching their sustainability targets.


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