What are the Most Common Diversity Issues in the Workplace?

What are the Most Common Diversity Issues in the Workplace? | FutureBusiness

Physical and Mental Disabilities

It has to be said, there are some positions in some industries that are not suitable for less-abled workers, but there are plenty of other roles that could be a good fit.

There has to be less bias against people with disabilities, and it’s important to not make assumptions or sweeping generalisations – there may be times where you have to create new processes to deal with an individual’s abilities, but the rewards can be extremely worth it.


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Faith and Beliefs

Some people have beliefs or follow religious teachings, some people don’t. There are some areas, especially in places where a predominant religious choice is community driven, where it can be extremely difficult to represent another faith or even a lack of one.

People need to be free to decide what they want to believe, and should be allowed to practice their beliefs (within reason of health, safety, etc) without being judged or made to feel alienated for it.

Training is a vital tool for educating staff on other beliefs, and should be backed up with structured policies and processes, for example – if all Christian workers are allowed Christmas and Easter off as special leave, and their Muslim colleagues are ‘expected’ to cover for them, then it should go without saying that Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha should be covered in reverse under the same policy.

There are so many other diversity issues in the workplace, such as generation gaps, language and communication, acceptance and respect of individuals, gender identity and sexuality – and it’s important that you take the time to work with your staff, create policies and processes that make everyone comfortable and happy, and make your company an attractive option for new employees.


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