What is the UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy?

What is the UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy? | Future Business

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Corporates also need to understand PAGE’s real world work processes to better leverage how they might align with opportunities.

PAGE has worked with national and local stakeholders in Mongolia, Peru, Ghana, Mauritius, Mato Grosso State (Brazil), Guyana, Uruguay and Indonesia to integrate climate change measures into national policies.

This is of course essential because once climate change policy is in place, the green drivers are there for business action. In Mongolia, for example, PAGE has supported the integration of sustainability objectives into sub[1]national planning, providing training and technical support for local development plans.

In Ghana, PAGE has supported the development of a guidance manual for mainstreaming climate change, the green economy and the SDGs into local development plans, which again corporates could align with. And in Guyana, PAGE work is centred around the elaboration of the Green State Development Strategy: Vision 2040.

On-the-ground work is going on too. To promote the protection and sustainable use of terrestrial eco-systems and forest areas, as called for by SDG 15, PAGE is working with national stakeholders in Burkina Faso to support a strategy for trade in non-timber forest products.

In South Africa, PAGE is collaborating with the Department of Environmental Affairs to update the previously developed South Africa Green Economy Modelling report to include modelling of the water-biodiversity nexus, with a subnational focus on the provinces most affected by the water crisis.

In Peru, as part of the development of the National Plan for Green Jobs, PAGE has supported the Pact for Teleworking. The policy aims at reducing the environmental footprint of workers´ daily commuting and office use, while promoting the inclusion of women and people with disabilities in the labour market.

Imagine you represent a firm who can offer consultancy support or guidance across the transition to home working, or even offer skills across remote security to ensure staff keep data staff when at home. PAGE is creating a space where those skills and services could deliver a greener economy and a profitable business for you.


In October 2021, Uruguay’s new National Waste Management Plan was launched. PAGE was instrumental in the new scheme, which has a ten-year scope and incorporates environmental, economic and social aspects.

Its fundamental goals include the protection of the environment and the promotion of a sustainable development model, through the prevention and reduction of the negative impacts of waste generation, management and all stages of waste management.

It’s important that this is the first time Uruguay will have a national plan with these characteristics, delivering a fundamental shift with commitments to separate collection, correct classification, increased recycling and recovery as resources.

It’s another key example of a major corporate opportunity driven by strategic alignment. There is proven, big money in waste.

The Final Word

Recent analysis by Green Biz stands to remind us of why all these concepts matter. Their findings argue that climate change could have huge financial costs for corporations that don’t act.

Almost 80 per cent of the S&P Global 1200, which includes the world’s largest companies, will be exposed to moderate-to-high physical risks from climate change by 2050, according to S&P Global Trucost data. That’s under a moderate climate scenario, that assumes strong mitigation actions to reduce emissions to half of current levels by 2080. This scenario is still likely to result in warming of over two degrees C by 2100, overshooting the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Fundamentally, the manual for modern business has to be rewritten. The question is how corporates can best engage with programmes like the UN Partnership for Action to develop the most meaningful change as rapidly as possible.


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