What Should You be Looking for in Management Candidates?

What Should You be Looking for in Management Candidates? | FutureBusiness

Managers are an important part of your business structure, they’re the ones who are making sure the day-to-day tasks are getting done, that projects are running smoothly, and that everything is on track. They are essentially the backbone of the business, and the success or failure of your organisation can actually depend on your managers – how well they handle their roles, and whether they are correctly handling their responsibilities. This means that when it comes to selecting new managers through a range of possible management candidates, you need to be extra careful to get the right people, and bring in someone that isn’t just good on paper, but works effectively with your team, and for your goals.

What are the Key Qualities for Managers to Have?

Regardless of what sort of business you run, or what industry you’re in, your manager needs to be competent and able to do the work, this is a given – teams look up to their managers, and the successful candidate should be able to lead by example.

They should be able to handle the technical aspects of their job, and have knowledge relating to the various areas which they are overseeing – they don’t neccesasrily have to have the same level of qualifications or in-depth experience, but they should know enough to understand what team members are saying and doing, and to be able to tell whether a project is on-track or not.

Outside of the immediate work qualities, management candidates must have:

Leadership Capabilities – The individual needs to be capable of inspiring others, directing work and action, teaching, and organising. It is essential that they have integrity, are clear on the vision of the company, have a commitment to learning (and aren’t adverse to taking constructive criticism), and are capable of being inclusive.

Teamwork – The prospective manager needs to care about their team, this means encouraging their personal and professional development, without crossing any boundaries in their private life. They need to ensure that people can do their work to the best of their abilities (placing employees in the right positions in teams), and understand exactly what it is they’re working towards for the business.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills – The right manager has to be able to communicate, and they need to be able to do this through digital methods and face-to-face. Interpersonal skills are also vital, the manager is going to be dealing with a variety of people, and the right person needs to be capable of handling communication and action without any form of discrimination.


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