What Should You be Looking for in Management Candidates?

What Should You be Looking for in Management Candidates? | FutureBusiness

Professional Attitude – Your manager is representing your business, your employees are going to be looking at their manager and seeing their actions as the will and word of the company. They must have a professional attitude that matches the vision, values, and brand image of your company.

Analytical Capabilities – There are a lot of moving parts involved in management, whether it’s of a project or of a team. The right manager needs to be able to not only get these parts in place and moving but must be able to analysis what is going on, and not be afraid or too proud to make changes based on what they’re observing.

Strong Work Ethic – Again, your manager represents your business – if their team see them slacking off, being lazy, or cheating their way though tasks, they’re not just going to lose respect for the manger – they’re going to assume it’s a representation of the morals of the company, and they’re going to assume that if the manager can do it, so can they. Having a manager with a poor work ethic is toxic to productivity and employee retention.

Adaptability – Some things in life don’t go according to plan, and it’s true in the business world. The right manager needs to be able to adapt to different situations, be flexible with how they intend to complete projects or arrange teams, and adapt to the situation, rather than trying to force a situation to adapt to them.

Good Personality – Management is a stressful position, and it can take its toll. If you have someone with a poor personality, the stress of the role isn’t just going to damage their health or cause them to leave the job, it’s going to impact the entire team.


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Having someone with a good personality means you’re allowing teams to connect, improve communication, and encourage productivity, as well as keeping your good managers in place for longer.

Dependability – You need to rely on your managers to get the jobs done, they are responsible for the nitty-gritty after all, and they must be competent and reliable.

Impartiality – Whether it’s having friends in the office, or a set system of beliefs – managers need to be able to put that to one side and make sometimes difficult decisions based on the facts and the company ethos, not their own feelings.

Analyzing management candidates and picking the right person for isn’t always easy, and it can take some time. 76% of hiring managers admit attracting the right job candidates is their greatest challenge. But it’s important to take the time to find the right fit, rather than rush in and upset the balance of the entire team. The manager is the standard bearer and focal point for your staff, and if they’re the right person for the job, morale and productivity will naturally improve as a result.


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